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  Newcastle’s Most Trusted Roofer & Flat Roofing Company

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Installing a new roof or fixing something that’s broken?
You want work that will last you a lifetime.
There’s nothing more frustrating or wasteful than poorly executed roofing and repairs. And there’s nothing more Perfect or longer-lasting than RubberRoofs.

 Whilst we specialise in Flat Roofs, We excel in all area of roofing From Pitched Roofs to Guttering & Facias.

Is your flat roof causing you problems? You are not alone. Many flat roofs across the UK have been badly built. Here at Rubberoofs we excel at repairing and installing flat roofs that will last for years. say good bye to ponding and give us a call today.


Guttering & Facias

Need a quick repair? We do that too. Rubberoofs will replace and repair all your leaking gutters, missing rain pipes, facias and soffits, to give you a draining system par excellence.

Are you are a shop, office or warehouse owner? We can help. With our over 15-metre-wide sheets with a length of over 60 meters we work with contactors and land owners alike making sure their commercial properties are well protected.


Got a Pitched roof that needs a repair or relaid? Here at Rubberoofs we can help. From slates to tiles we will guide you to make the right choice for your roof and budget ensuring you have piece of mind with our ten year guarantee.

Flat roof causing you problems ?

Is rain seeping in through the seams of your roof, causing damage to your roof structure? Has the heat cracked and blistered your roof in places, and now you’re getting your first leak?

These are two of the most common roof problems. And we have the solution!

Using our unique ,100 % rubber membrane systems laid with no seams whatsoever we can create a rooftop which is sleek, neat and completely waterproof.

In addition, Rubber Roofing can be applied to any sloped surface, is flexible, will not blister, and entails zero maintenance costs.

Rooftops made of other materials including fibreglass and felt are more prone to damage especially along the seams which is why we only ever use rubber!


Why Rubber Roofs ?

Although slightly dearer than your standard felt roofing, rubber roofing is a far more cost effective and hassle-free solution for those who are aspiring peace of mind for many years to come.

Large Seamless Epdm Sheets



Flexible and will never blister






Apply on to any slope



20 year manufacturer guarantee



aesthetically pleasing


What our happy customer say

Felt very confident that he knew what he was doing. Explained what needed doing and how he was going to do it at each stage. Thank you.



Very satisfied with the overall service and workmanship. Cleaned up beautifully at the end of the job.



He is very well spoken and very polite. It was a pleasant experience throughout. His attention to detail was excellent.



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20 year manufacturer guarantee


For all your residential and commercial roofing needs.