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 My name is Charles Heilpern, CEO and fitter-in-chief of Rubberoofs Limited.

From when I was just a young child I was crazy about roofs. Roof styles and designs captured my interest. I was always checking out the roofs of buildings and wondering why that particular kind was chosen for that structure, playing mental exercises speculating which roofs were better and contemplating the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Roofing is a bit like your car mechanic. When you take your car to a mechanic you can’t take to it just anyone as you have no idea what is really going on under the bonnet. You only take your car to someone who you trust. Unfortunately, the roofing profession has a name as being run by cowboys. Rubberoofs LTD was born in order to change that perception delivering a service that is second to none.

Flat Roofs was chosen as the area we focus on and excel in. When do flat roofs we will only fit Rubber Roofs and we only uses the best quality materials such as Firestone’s rubber membranes, guaranteeing excellence in materials, fitting and longevity. At the same time we serve those who need tiles or slates with the same quality, expertise & care.


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“Our mission Statement”
to bring quality, value for money, trust, and honesty back to the roofing industry

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Our TEam

charles heilpern

charles heilpern

Owner & Fitter-in-chief

A trustworthy practitioner who always delivers professionalism and competency. Only considers the job complete when the customer is 100% happy.

RAchel heilpern

RAchel heilpern

Office Manager

Our dedicated coordinator is friendly, helpful and easily accessible!   She is happy to answer all your questions ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  Jack       Thorne

Jack Thorne


An amazing team member who is an expert fitter and has been with our company from the start. Always smiling and ready to help out.

 kevin       mcgee

kevin mcgee


Loves to get his hands dirty on the job, ensuring the best result.
Never leaves a job until it is completed to his high standards.

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